Polymer Clay Creations of Fantasy and Whimsy


I'm Linda Clay,  a.k.a. "Clay Woman".  I received my nickname "Clay Woman" years ago while at work.  A wonderful friend of mine called to me one day over the cubicle, "hey, Clay Woman" and the nickname stuck.   I am a native of West Michigan and have been sculpting polymer clay for about eight years.   I enjoy creating mixed media sculpts of polymer clay incorporating gemstones, shells, rhinestones, polished rocks, beads and other finds in my pieces.   To see more of my work just click the link above to "More Claymation3d Items".

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All white winged dragon at rest.   Hematite eyes with white glass rhinestone spikes from top of head to tip of tail.

Sea Horse pair done in light, pearlized blue.

Wired in glass beads and freswater pearl.

Large winged dragon sitting over his cauldron of bones.   Made for my son as a gift.  This is a big dragon and he can hold a votive candle inside.  If incense is placed in the votive, smoke will pour out his nostrils


This neckpiece was published as a runner up in Polymer Cafe Magazine.   I  later donated it to a silent auction charity event.